Tiny Dick Fatty!!

Anonymous said: I noticed you said you're submissive when you've got a man fucking you... What about a woman?

I’m  more of an equal person and stray a little to both sides from time to time!  In other words, I usually go vanilla but like a little sph and sometimes a little enf! lol

new undies!  whatcha think?! lol

xjaeeecrystal-deactivated201405 said: Kik

nope, dont even know what it is lol

xjaeeecrystal-deactivated201405 said: Instagram?

nope, sorry

Anonymous said: I want you tu fuck me so bad...

I’d love to know what I could fuck! lol  mmmmmm

Anonymous said: How do I submit?!?

just click on “submit to the dicklet”